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My Adorable Custom Envy Phone Case Makes Me Smile

Several nights ago I was having dinner with a group of friends and noticed that no one had a custom phone case. They were mostly boring black or another solid color. Which made me look forward to the personalized Samsung phone case I’d just made at and was en route for delivery. No more basic black for me.

The Ohio-based, family-owned company makes custom phone cases as well as other personalized products. When they approached me to review their phone cases, I was pleased that Custom Envy made cases for my older but still great Samsung Galaxy S9. Plus, they featured a durable case that would protect my phone from accidental drops and not just look pretty. It also claimed to work with my wireless Qi charger. 

Personalized Phone Case Styles

I found that designing a custom iPhone or Samsung phone case at was quick and easy. You can choose from templates with 1 to 9 photos in a variety of layouts, and add words and phrases, monograms, borders, and background patterns. Also, there are limitless background colors you can select with a color picker. So you can get as creative or basic as you want. You’re able to resize, crop, and reposition your photo(s) as needed.

The Custom Envy interface is simple. Choose your layout and number of photos and add optional text and backgrounds.

After experimenting with several options, I decided to keep it simple and go with one photo and I’m quite happy with it. Once you’ve figured out your design, you can preview it and view it in 3D. This helps with ensuring that important parts are on the front and not the sides.

Here’s my new personalized phone case. The photo is reproduced beautifully and the case has a hard glossy finish. The tricky thing with my Samsung Galaxy phone model is the positioning of the camera lens, which is center-top. It took me a while to find the perfect photo that didn’t have a key area covered up by the camera. Luckily I found a great one of my dog where he filled the lower half. Just looking at my adorable pup on my phone makes me smile. 

My custom phone case for Samsung Galaxy

Types of Custom Phone Cases

Custom Envy offers two main case options:

  • A Slim Case with a shatter-proof hard plastic design. This offers basic protection and is very lightweight.
  • An Extra Protective Case with two layers. There’s an inner lining with a hard plastic shell, and it’s supposed to be virtually indestructible. Note that the inner lining is part of the case, it’s not removable.

For later iPhone models there’s also a third option, a Clear Cover, which is a one-piece flexible TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material. With most phone models you can choose either a glossy or matte finish.

All phone cases come with a lifetime warranty and free replacement.

I chose the Extra Protective case. Even with the two layers, I can easily access my volume and power buttons. It works just fine with my wireless charger. My only quibble is that the standard mini USB charger just barely goes in because the case sticks out a little further from the phone versus my old case. Thus I have to be careful not to jar it or it will slip out.  As far as overall bulk and weight, this Samsung phone case fits in my hand, pocket, and purse quite nicely. It’s no heavier than my old Speck case.

A side view of personalized Samsung Galaxy phone case showing the thickness
A view of the bottom of the phone case with phone jack and USB

Custom Phone Cases for iPhone and Samsung Models

Custom cases are available for iPhone models from the iPhone 6 up to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Custom Envy offers personalized Samsung phone cases for the Galaxy S8 up to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Prices seem comparable to other sites, actually a bit less in some cases, depending on if you hit a sale like the current Memorial Day sale. My case cost $34.99. I received a credit for the basic case ($25.99 on sale) and paid the difference for the upgraded protective case. Delivery was a fast four days from my order date.

Ways to Personalize Your Phone Case

While I chose to put a photo on my phone case, if that’s not your jam, there are numerous options. Among them are fabric patterns and tapestries, mineral patterns, and clipart. While there aren’t tons of patterns, I think the mineral ones are particularly attractive. Or you could choose a solid color background and add your favorite quote as a text layer.

In addition to photos, personalization options include patterns, colors, clipart, monograms and background colors

In addition to phone cases, there are a variety of other personalized products you can make on the site. Beach towels,  blankets, canvas, posters, puzzles, tumblers, mugs, stationery, desk mats, and clocks are among them. With Father’s Day coming up, there are some great custom gift options.

Finally, I appreciate that Custom Envy is a small, U.S.-based family business. Especially In these times, I love supporting small businesses. I have no hesitation in recommending their products.

Note: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I chose to upgrade my phone case and paid the difference.

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