10 Tips for Photographing Fall Foliage

Tips on Photographing Fall Color

Here we are in November already, and it’s prime time for capturing colorful images of those gorgeous reds, yellows and oranges that are painting our great outdoors. While the most northern part of the U.S. is a little past its peak, the rest of the country is bursting with color. I found some great tips and tutorials from top photographers with suggestions on how to best capture nature in its autumn glory.

1. Autumn (Fall) Photography – Capturing Colours by Darren Rouse

In this Digital Photography School article, Darren Rouse offers tips on fall foliage photography to fully capture its vibrancy. He touches on boosting colors, the best time to shoot, looking for contrast, how to warm up your colors by adjusting the White Balance and other suggestions. This site is an excellent resource for both beginners and advanced photographers, so check out some of the other articles, too.

2. Classic Fall Color – Capturing the best of autumn takes a combination of skill, preparation, timing and equipment – By Stan Trzoniec

Photographer Stan Trzoniec discusses the merits of shooting on an overcast day, how to shoot waterfalls and rolling streams, the best types of lenses for specific shots, how to use lighting to boost color, and why a tripod is essential for some shots.

Macros of leaves can make spectacular fall foliage shots

Macros of leaves can make spectacular fall foliage shots

3. Yankee Foliage

Tracking fall color – This website has an interactive map that tells you the current status of fall foliage in various parts of the country. While its main focus is New England, you can also see the rest of the country and zoom in on locals. You can get a weekly foliage report and download a free app. A very helpful site for locating the best color.

4. A Detailed Guide to Photographing Fall Foliage by Christopher O’Donnell

Christopher O’Donnell has some great tips about using weather to your advantage, from overcast and wet mornings to bring out the vibrancy, to the warm tones and shadows and highlights provided by bright sunlight.

5. Five Tips for Photographing Fall Foliage – by Roy Furchgott

This article offers helpful tips for beginners and points out that you don’t need a bunch of special equipment to get great shots.

6. 8 Essential Tips for Autumn Color by Joseph Rossbach

You’ll get tips on composition, using complimentary colors for stronger visual appeal, reflection, and the merits of macro.

Sunlight casting golden glow

Sunlight casting golden glow

7. Top Ten Tips For Photographing Fall Color

Provides good coverage of the fundamentals of fall photography including color contrast and perspective.

8. Fall color: how to photograph autumn leaves and other seasonal images

This tutorial answers popular questions on how to photograph autumn colors, with an emphasis on macro photography. I liked the tips on shooting frosty leaves.

9. 12 Fantastic Fall Photo Tips — Our Extra-Crunchy Guide to Leaf Peeping – Photojojo

Photojojo is one of my favorite sites for getting cool photo project ideas. This article talks about the best time of day, offers technical tips and capturing leafy portraits. I like this idea for taking pictures of your kids playing in the leaves.

10. Photographing Fall Colors – Tips & Tricks for Better Color (Part I)

My last tip is a video, with some great tips for beginners.

So now that you’re armed with all this info, plan your route, bundle up and go shoot some of that gorgeous fall color. You can share your best images on my Facebook page.

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