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iMemories.com Can Bring Your Old Videos & Film Into the Modern Era

iMemories - Preserve Your Memories on DVD

Why Should You Convert Your Videos to DVD

Converting your home movies to digital can restore them to their original quality and will preserve them much better and longer than in their original format. Film has a life span of 30-40 years while video is just 10-15 years.

www.iMemories.com is a leading company for digitally transferring film and video to DVD using advanced restoration technology. The results are amazing.

Quick Review


Find old photos or film reels?
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Pros: Reasonable prices.

Converted movies are like-new with excellent color and clarity.

Preview and share movies on line.

Photos, slides and negatives can be converted to DVD too.

All movies/media converted in-house.

Excellent record for keeping customers' media safe.

Cons: 3-4 weeks ave. turnaround.

Your Memories on DVD
Transfer VHS, SVHS, 8mm and Betamax
The first one's on us

iMemories is capable of converting any format of film, video or audio including VHS, VHS-C, mini DV, Betamax, 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm. You can also convert 35mm slides, photos and negatives to DVD.

iMemories' Conversion Process

iMemories uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology and an expert staff to enhance film and video for clear images, brighter colors and sharpness. The digital remastering process includes:

What You Get Back

After your home movies are converted to a digital format, iMemories makes them available for viewing for 30 days in your personal iMemories account. During that time, you can watch your home movies online for free and share them with family and friends. You can also sort, label and edit your videos and select the ones you want to be put on DVD. As an added feature, you can also upload unlimited digital videos and photos to combine with your newly converted movies. iMemories keeps it simple, so neophytes don't need to worry. After you have decided which videos and photos to include on your DVD, you simply drag & drop them into a project folder and iMemories will burn them to DVD.

You'll receive a full size DVD case and disc with still images from your home movies on the cover, so you know what's on the DVD. The DVD discs are manufactured with 24 karat gold and designed to last a lifetime. DVD's come with a Scene Index and are labeled as you specified.

Sending Your Films and Videos to iMemories

You only need to collect your films and videos, no need to sort them. imemories will provide packaging and shipping info and track your package throughout. Once your movies (and slides/photos too) are converted to digital, you're given a personal account where you can view your movies on line. You can sort, label and organize them and create custom DVD's Your DVD's will be returned to you along with your originals. You may also purchase photo slide shows on DVD and iMemories will also convert audio reels, cassettes and records (78s and 45s) to digital. You also have the option of getting your movies on portable hard drive.

Are Your Movies Safe

It can be hard to part with one-of-a-kind videos and films, but iMemories states they have a high-tech process to track your media throughout the process and says they have never had an incident of a lost or damaged film, video or photo. The company handles all services in-house.

How Much Does Film or Video Conversion Cost?

Typically, reels of film and priced by the foot and VHS videos are priced by the minute. iMemories charges $9.99 per videotape or 50 ft. of film to convert to digital. Film with sound is $19.99. This does not include the transfer to DVD, which is $9.99 per archive-grade DVD.

Instead of letting your old movies deteriorate, you can preserve your memories for years of enjoyment. Save your Memories on DVD. Transfer VHS, SVHS, 8mm and Betamax.

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