5 Tips for Incredible Summer Vacation Photos

Guest Post by Ori Guttin

Are you getting ready for your longed-for summer vacation? While the memories of your time away will always stay in your mind, you may also want to capture some stunning pictures of your trip. While living in the moment is important, capturing those moments so we can reminisce is almost as vital.

The good thing about capturing memories during the summer is that the weather may actually be on your side! With sweeping blue skies and a shining sun, your photos will have a summery glow which only the best natural light can create.

Here are some of the best Viewbug tips for taking stunning vacation photography.

1. Know Your Stuff — Research Is Important

Whatever your destination, it is bound to have spots of outstanding beauty. Maybe there are certain buildings or national parks that are instafamous — there will be a reason for that! Before you hop on your plane, train, or automobile, it’s crucial that you seek out these spots, so you know where to take the best photos of your trip. It’s worth checking the hashtags on Instagram for your location to get a good flavor of what is on offer. What you find may surprise you. The Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco is a good example of an instafamous location which selfie-takers just can’t get enough of.

2. Try to See if You Can Catch Different Weather Conditions

Photographing in different weather can make for more interesting shots
Take advantage of the rain for more varied shots

While perfect sunshine is what most of us hope for on vacation, it doesn’t make for a great variety of shots. For a beach shot, you may want a shimmering sun, shining sea, and bright blue sky — but what if you’re trekking through a jungle? A good amount of rain can make for exciting and varied shots — just make sure you protect your camera and equipment from the elements by using plastic covers and bags where possible. Make sure you check the weather each day, that way you can plan which shots to take, when.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Animals — They Can Add Some Life to Your Photos

If you’re looking to get your David Attenborough on, a vacation is an ideal time to do this. Unleash your inner naturalist and run wild taking pictures of animals in their natural environments. When it comes to taking nature photography, however, you need to bear a few things in mind. It’s important to be respectful of natural habitats— remember, technically you’re intruding on animals’ homes. Be careful not to disturb, and exercise extreme patience if you want to capture the perfect image of a majestic creature on its home turf.

Try not to disturb animals in their natural habitat
Be respectful of wildlife

4. Think about Taking Photos at Night

Some of the most stunning photos can be taken under cover of darkness. There is something magical about night time. We start to notice things we didn’t during the day, and any lingering light looks instantly mystical. You could take an amazing photo of the night sky by taking some tips from our night photography course. What else could you capture at night? Perhaps a fireworks display taking place during a local festival. There are so many opportunities for taking shots which are only possible at night.

Night shots can be dramatic
Night time city scapes can be dramatic in black and white

5. Consider Capturing Photos on the Move

Capture a waterfall's motion by using your shutter speed to blur the water
Use a slow shutter speed to make a waterfall look smooth

Have you ever thought about taking action shots? There are a few things that you can do to capture situations and subjects while on the move. You may want to take a picture of a majestic waterfall or the sweeping landscape as you go by on a mountain train. You should have your camera at the ready at all times, increase your shutter speed priority, and if you’re focusing on a specific subject, you can blur the background.

Ori Guttin, co-founder of Viewbug

Guest Post by Ori Guttin

Ori Guttin is a co-founder of Viewbug, an online picture-sharing community, and has spent years working in the internet industry.

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